Share Details

Placings of Shares

European Convergence Property Company plc (in liquidation) (the "Company") was incorporated and registered in the Isle of Man under the Isle of Man Companies Acts 1931 to 2004 on 1 June 2005 as a public company with registered number 113616C. On 21 December 2007 the Company was re-registered under the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006 with registered number 002085V. The Company was placed into voluntary liquidation on 10 June 2013.

The Shares of the Company were admitted to trading on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange ("AIM") on 28 June 2005 when dealings also commenced. This admission was cancelled on 27 April 2011 and from this date the Company’s Shares are no longer traded on any exchange or trading platform and there is no intention to re-list the Shares for trading on any platform.

The Shares rank in full for all dividends or other distributions made or paid on the ordinary share capital and will rank pari passu in all other respects. Each share carries one vote.

Interested parties should note that the rights of Shareholders under Isle of Man law may differ from those in other jurisdictions and that care should be exercised in this regard.

The financial year end of the Company is 31 December in each year.

Share Transfers

Save for that stated below, there are no restrictions on transfers of shares:

Any member may transfer all or any of his shares by instrument of transfer in any form which the Liquidator may approve. The instrument of transfer of a share shall be signed by or on behalf of the transferor. All transfers are subject to approval by the Liquidator.